11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

Cell phones have become an indistinguishable piece of our day by day lives. Getting up with a morning alert, utilizing Whatsapp, tuning in to music, perusing the news, viewing YouTube recordings, browsing messages, refreshing undertaking statuses, etc. Everything is consistently executed by our cell phones. As of now, 2.1 Billion individuals overall own a Smartphone and as indicated by TouchPoints report:

Grown-ups matured 25 or more utilize their telephone around 264 times each day, including writings and calling. For individuals matured 15-24, the number is multiple times each day. On the off chance that the normal dozing time for this age bunch is 10 hours, this likens to a cell phone movement each other moment.

This is mind blowing, yet obvious. Thus, the utilization of cell phones and versatile applications won’t drop in 2017 in any capacity. In any case, the current versatile application patterns may shed some new light.  In this blog entry, we will talk about the current portable application improvement inclines that are going to remain in 2017 as well.

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After some exhaustive examination at ValueCoders, our group discovered 11 such portable application inclines and related realities that will be appropriate in the forthcoming year. Here are they are:

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Is Changing Web App Landscape

It’s been a year since Google has begun the AMP Project. Apart from that, as of late Google has reported that there will be a different quest list for the portable web. This progressive advance changes the Mobile application improvement slants totally particularly from SEO and Web application point of view.

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

application advancement

Google Amp upheld web applications will stack a lot quicker on cell phones and lessen skip rate in huge numbers. It will likewise profit distributers with expanded advertisement perceivability and more guests. Henceforth, this cutting edge innovation will positively be on the rundown of versatile application advancement patterns in the coming year.

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2. AR and VR Will Show Some Magic

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017
market size

Despite the fact that it isn’t normal that VR will show fast development, in any case, AR application improvement will positively approach its top when 2017 finishes. In this way, fix your safety belts for some AR and VR enchantment in the coming year.

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3. Man-made reasoning Is Real Now

Gartner discovered, there will be an over 300% expansion in investment in man-made consciousness one year from now contrasted with 2016. Using progressed investigation, psychological interfaces into complex frameworks, and AI specialists, AI will give business clients access to ground-breaking bits of knowledge at no other time accessible to them.

Because of these points of interest, mammoths like Google, IBM, eBay, and Facebook have begun obtaining new businesses for the individuals who are proficient in Artificial Intelligence. This chart will reveal to you more.

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017
AI companies

We have just seen some astonishing AI apps such as Prisma, Siri, and Google Now and expecting significantly more in 2017 keeping the AI portable application advancement trends unblemished.

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4. Cloud-driven Mobile Apps Are on the Rise

From customers to tech professionals, everybody has found out about cloud innovation and how it’s affecting our aggregate lives. Today, distributed computing has at last discovered its place with portable apps. Presently, we can expect ground-breaking versatile apps that straightforwardly get information from the cloud and take least space in your smartphone’s inside memory.

Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are just a hint of something larger. Cisco’s research says, “All inclusive, cloud apps will drive 90% of all out versatile information traffic by 2019, and Mobile cloud traffic will be 11-overlay with compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 60%.”

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017
cloud mobile data

This plainly shows the versatile application patterns identified with the cloud is going to remain in 2017.

5. Undertaking Apps and Micro-applications Will Advance Further

The Prime objective of an undertaking versatile application is to enable you to restructure, smooth out, and oversee critical business forms in a hurry. Though, A smaller scale application expects to get the job done very focused on activities and takes less burden. Nonetheless, both are effectively achieving their undertakings and are relied upon to proceed with further.

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017
enterprise apps vs micro apps

A case of enterprise portable applications is Evernote, through which your groups can work together on ventures from their cell phones. Then again, Facebook courier or daily agenda applications are genuine instances of miniaturized scale applications that concentrate on just one undertaking.

An Adobe study says 77% of entrepreneurs discovered enterprise applications favorable and 66% are expanding their speculation further. Additionally, the 430 billion enterprise application showcase is normal by 2021. Also, smaller scale applications with highlights like lightweight, directed, HTML, and adhoc-based, are rising nowadays. Henceforth, these portable application improvement patterns are relied upon to remain steady in 2017.

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6. More Focus On Security In Apps

According to Gartner’s expectation, 75% of portable applications would not finish even fundamental security assessments. Supporting that, an HP study expresses that 70.6% of applications can get to outer capacity and 94.7% applications incorporate logging techniques. These overviews significantly demonstrate the accompanying concerns:

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017
mobile app developement trends

These gadgets show that it isn’t simply confined to the medicinal services industry and end up being one of the promising versatile application advancement patterns in 2017.

8. m-business Is Becoming A New Standard

Nowadays, rather than utilizing credit or charge cards, a considerable number of clients want to make buys through Google Wallet and Apple Pay. This is giving a push to m-trade.

Combined with wearable devices, m-business installment offices will take an alternate shape in 2017. Past prescient investigation and information assortment, wearables will likewise assume a significant job later on for web based business and client devotion.

Here’s a market forecast for such patterns:

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

m commerce market

Subsequently, the portable application patterns of m-trade is going to remain solid in 2017 too.

9. IoT Will Be Much Bigger

The fast appropriation of cloud-based applications brings us to one of the most recent portable application improvement inclines that have piqued versatile designer enthusiasm for 2016 – the Internet of Things.

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Examiners anticipate that IoT will develop from 157.05$ billion out of 2016 to 661.74$ billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.3%.  This straightforwardly impacts the portable application inclines as IoT gadgets are significantly constrained by cell phones. Here’s the anticipated development bend of IoT:

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

IOT growth

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In this way IoT is unquestionably going to stay a significant pattern in 2017.

10. Guides and Location Based Services Are on the Rise

Incorporated area based help applications like Apple’s iBeacons and Google Beacon are well known. Wi-Fi utilization will never again be restricted to inns, restaurants, retail outlets, or in social insurance. The use of utilizations with Wi-Fi support is going to ascend past these conventional prerequisites will help individuals with pertinent area based data. Here’s the means by which Beacon works:

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017
how beacon works

This cutting edge innovation gives a significant extension to customized application promoting and expected to ascend in 2017 considering one of the significant versatile application patterns.

11. Quick Is Much Swifter Now

Quick is the cutting edge programming language for iOS developers. Most portable application developers affirm that it is a lot simpler than Objective-C. Albeit Swift won’t supplant Objective-C at any point in the near future, it will increase a great deal of consideration in 2017. With the arrival of Swift 2 which offers a large group of new, designer agreeable highlights, this new programming language is absolutely to remain.

Here’s the manner by which Swift runs ahead in the race with other programming dialects:

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017
swift and other programming languages

Subsequently, Swift is additionally going to remain for quite a while too.

Wrapping Up

With regards to portable application advancements, talented programming developers can’t in any way, shape or form depend on obsolete apparatuses and patterns at the improvement stage. 2016 so far is overflowing with a host of potential and application developers can upgrade their abilities better on the off chance that they have understanding into the most recent versatile application advancement patterns. In the event that you follow the 11 patterns completely, at that point it would surely be valuable for your business.


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