5 Surprising Statistics About Top Sellers

5 Surprising Statistics About Top Sellers

A little while back I keynoted an actuarial meeting at one of the Big 4 bookkeeping firms. These truly shrewd individuals go through their days breaking down information and figuring hazard.

Simply the idea of “selling” makes most statisticians wince. They see individuals who do it as vile, manipulative, and appalling—not in any manner like them. However their authority group astutely understood that future development depended on them securing these aptitudes.

How was I going to change the statisticians’ view of deals?

I immediately understood that I required information from solid assets to open their psyche to better approaches for intuition. What I discovered astounded me – yet it rang so obvious.

5 Surprising Statistics About Top Sellers

What personality types do the best in sales?

One of my preferred scientists is Steve W. Martin, a teacher at the USC Marshall School of Business and creator of Heavy Hitter Sales Psychology. He needed to discover how top dealers contrasted from normal or battling reps.

To do that, he administered character tests to one thousand B2B sales reps who worked at a portion of the world’s driving organizations. This is what his research showed alongside my very own couple contemplations.

Sales Research on Top Sellers:


  1. 91% of top merchants had medium to high scores of unobtrusiveness and humility.   What? Winning sales reps aren’t absolutely prideful? No. They don’t need to be the focal point of consideration. They don’t have to display their successes. Rather, they need their clients to assume the acknowledgment for settling on savvy choices. What’s more, they genuinely esteem the help they get from their own partners en route.
  2. 85% of the top merchants were exceptionally conscientious.  Highly scrupulous. Not simply normal. Basically, that implies that don’t leave anything to risk. They exploration, study, and consider how they can enable their clients to settle on great business choices. They keep things moving, including the opportune individuals at the correct time. They’re dependable diligent employees.
  3. 82% of top venders scored incredibly high interest levels.  Extremely inquisitive. That is entrancing. Top venders need to find out additional—about their clients, showcase, items, offers, setting off occasions, the purchasing procedure, and the people they manage. With a profound crave information and data, they pose more and better inquiries.
  4. Top venders were 30% less gregarious than normal sellers.  Contrary to prevalent sentiment, being too agreeable isn’t the way to deals achievement. Extroversion doesn’t best self preoccupation. Dealers who are excessively centered around building profound individual connections make some harder memories testing their client’s reasoning and getting them to move off business as usual. They would prefer not to shake the notorious vessel.
  5. 84% of top venders scored extremely high in accomplishment orientation.  Not simply high—exceptionally high. That implies they have an objective as a main priority and that they’re doomed certain going to do their best to accomplish it. Top dealers monitor progress and are ruthlessly legit with how things are going. They search out expected hindrances so they can dispose of/limit them before they happen. They strategize, thinking of Plans A, B and even C. They never trust in progress, they make it.
  7. 5 Surprising Statistics About Top Sellers

This isn’t the picture that a great many people have of sales reps. However it is positively my own experience working with a large number of dealers consistently.

Presently, back to the statisticians. In all honesty, these extremely smart individuals could relate to all the measurements above. They were unobtrusive, scrupulous, inquisitive, thoughtful achievers. Realizing this was the vital initial step. They needed to see that it was workable for individuals like them to succeed.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-surprising-statistics-top-sellers-jill-konrath

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