7 reasons why you should develop apps for Android rather than iOS

7 reasons why you should develop apps for Android rather than iOS

There are different operating frameworks fueling our cell phones today. For both non mainstream designers and enormous organizations, there is a basic inquiry that needs to be answered before improvement starts: what stage ought to be focused on first? For bigger organizations, with more assets, advancement should be possible all the while for different stages, while for littler shops, it is a basic inquiry, which could decide the success or disappointment of the business.

In this article, we talk about seven reasons why we accept engineers ought to create applications for Android gadgets first, as opposed to iOS, Windows as well as Blackberry.

7. Portability

Local Android applications are created utilizing the Java programming language, and can without much of a stretch be ported to other versatile working frameworks like Blackberry, Symbian and Ubuntu. What’s more, Android applications can likewise be ported effectively to Chrome OS. Of course, Microsoft has additionally declared that it will provide a simple strategy to port Android applications to Windows 10 gadgets.


6. Android Studio

7 reasons why you should develop apps for Android rather than iOS
android developement

Android Studio is an astounding IDE, in light of the similarly superb IntelliJ IDE. As the name recommends, Android Studio is an IDE planned and grown explicitly for Android application advancement. It is blazingly quick and effective, and you can arrangement another Android venture for various kinds of Android applications in no time. At the point when Android was propelled, Android application advancement was finished with Eclipse and the Android Developer Tools module. In any case, that changed with the arrival of Android Studio. Some key features include:

  • Gradle-based form framework
  • Live-format WYSIWYG Editor with constant application design delivering
  • Alternative to review a design on various screen setups while altering
  • Manufacture variations and different apk record age
  • Build up apparatuses (used to get ease of use, execution, variant similarity and different issues)
  • Supports creating Android Wear, TV and Auto applications
  • Empowers application coordination with Google Cloud Platform (App Engine and Google Cloud Messaging)


5. Java

7 reasons why you should develop apps for Android rather than iOS

Java is a demonstrated and incredible programming language, utilized on a wide scope of gadgets and working frameworks. Learning Java can open entryways for other openings, including the capacity to create applications for other working frameworks (Windows, Linux) and gadgets. Producing for iOS, then again, requires that you learn one of Apple’s improvement dialects (Objective C or Swift). Both of these dialects are extremely just utilized for Apple-centric development (iOS and OS X), and the abilities expected to create in these dialects can’t be persisted to other working frameworks. In any case, to be reasonable, Apple has declared Swift will be publicly released, with Linux apparatuses accessible before the year’s end.

4. Google Play Store

7 reasons why you should develop apps for Android rather than iOS
google play

Applications sent to the Google Play store are accessible for download by clients inside a couple of hours, contrasted with half a month for Apple’s App Store. An application can truly be refreshed on numerous occasions a day on the Google play store, in light of client grumblings or potentially issues, while on the App store, your application would need to go through the equivalent extensive procedure at whatever point you present an update or potentially bug fix. For another application or game that may should be continually and rapidly refined and refreshed in light of client criticism, the Play Store is the ideal stage.

Another excellent element of the Play Store is the capacity to deliver an application as alpha and additionally beta deliveries, which would be accessible just to individuals from a chose gathering of analyzers. With this, you can give early access to a subset of clients, and utilize their criticism to clean your application before at last delivering it to the overall population. You can likewise play out a progressive/organized turn out of an update. With the organized rollout, you determine what level of clients ought to get the update, and you would then be able to screen the input and crash reports before expanding the level of clients to get the update.

3. Low barrier of entry

To produce for iOS gadgets, a developer must utilize a Mac. Be that as it may, Android application advancement should be possible on Windows, Mac and Linux. Additionally, to enroll as a developer on the Apple App Store requires a yearly charge of $99, though to enlist as a developer on the Google Play Store requires a one time installment of $25. In plain terms, every one of the a developer needs to start creating and delivering Android applications is a $25 installment, and a PC, while for iOS, you will require a Mac and a $99 yearly membership.

2. Profitability

7 reasons why you should develop apps for Android rather than iOSThe overall accord has consistently been that the iPhone is utilized by more extravagant and more princely clients, thus, iPhone clients are bound to burn through cash on applications than Android clients. This may have been valid in the past, but no more. In most application classes, Android apps have been seen as gainful (much more beneficial in certain occurrences) as iPhone apps, both for introductory application buys and for in-application buys. Additionally, with numerous applications utilizing a free with advertisements model, as long as the promotions are being appeared to application clients, the application creates pay. As per DAU-UP, the normal income per client for Android games was a measly 20% of that from iOS games in January 2014. By December 2014, the figure had spiked to 65%. Furthermore, publicizing costs are by and large lower on Android gadgets, which implies that applications can advertise to a larger number of clients on Android gadgets than clients on iOS gadgets for a similar sum.

1. Market share

7 reasons why you should develop apps for Android rather than iOS

This must be the main motivation behind why non mainstream designers ought to produce for Android first. As per IDC, Android totally ruled the quantity of cell phones sent worldwide in the initial three months of 2015, with 78% piece of the overall industry. The assessed all out number of Android gadgets in the possession of buyers, as at December 2014, as per statista.com, lies north of 1.6 billion. This is an amazing sum, and an enormous likely market of clients. Contrast this and an expected 395 million iOS gadgets, and 46 million and 45 million Windows and Blackberry gadgets separately. On the off chance that you are structuring an application (or game) for the overall population, it bodes well to focus on the stage that would give you the best access to possible clients.

For designers hoping to expand their odds of progress, be it from a versatile game or specialty application, focusing on Android gadgets initially can mean the contrast among progress and indefinite quality. Do you concur, or have another reason(s) for going Android first? Hit the remarks and let us know.



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