Catia V5-Modeling Methodology & Best Practice

Catia V5-Modeling Methodology & Best Practice

Android Programming Novices

What do we get with this procedure? An advice that “settled burdens are horrendous for execution”.

There is an expression in the Android programming world, that I basically made up: “With little effort, all hierarchy of leadership can be leveled”.

For this circumstance, RelativeLayout or GridLayout will profitably replace the settled LinearLayouts.

Not Setting the minSdkVersion to 14

Taking everything into account, this isn’t an oversight, yet it is horrendous practice.

Android 2.x was a gigantic accomplishment in working up this stage, anyway a couple of things should be abandoned. Supporting more settled contraptions incorporates more noteworthy capriciousness for code upkeep and limits the headway strategy.

The numbers are clear, the customers have continued ahead, the fashioners shouldn’t stay behind.

I’m careful this doesn’t have any kind of effect for some enormous business sectors with old contraptions (ex. India), and setting the minSdkVersion to 14, on the Facebook App, suggests leaving a few million customers without their favored relational association. In any case, if you are starting new and endeavoring to cause a superb experience for your customers, to do consider discarding the past. Customers that don’t have the benefits, or need to refresh their contraption/OS, won’t have the impulse to assess an overwhelming interpretation of your Android application and finally consume money on it.

Wrap Up

Android is an astonishing stage that propels quickly. It may not be reasonable to envision that customers should keep up the movement, yet it’s crucial for the Android architects to do all things considered.

Understanding that Android isn’t just on our phones or tablets is extensively more noteworthy. It’s on our wrists, in our receiving areas, in our kitchens, and in our vehicles. Getting the fundamentals right is of most extraordinary criticalness before we start developing.

  • Fig .1Catia V5-Modeling Methodology & Best Practice
  • hows the SPECIFICATION TREE in a composed manner. The Machining Body features are collected under one body and base square features in another, and so on with appropriate segment errands.
  • It is furthermore huge in sorting out the reference and improvement segment in the tree in a methodical way, like the one showed up in the figure right.
  • The centers that would be regularly used (like the Global Origin Point 0, 0, 0,) can be made under Points GEOMETRICAL SET and any reference planes portraying legitimate cutoff focuses can be made in the planes GEOMETRICAL SET.
  • Clear arrangement desire achieved Navigation of features ends up being basic.
  • Change of features ends up being basic.

Best Practices



The renaming of features inside the arrangement gets needed as it will be important for the end customers to by far perceive things for change.

Catia V5-Modeling Methodology & Best Practice

Fig 2 shows a SPECIFICATION TREE that has features renamed at the hour of making them

  • For instance, an end-customer who needs to perceive the M5 openings on the model the SPECIFICATION TREE helps successfully in recognizing the M5 holes in the model likewise making modifications straightforward.
  • Likewise renaming all the highlights sometimes as it is made will simple things toward the end.
  • The figure shows the features pad and layouts renamed as “Base_Block_Sketch” and “Base_Block” which will be useful in recognizing them at a later stage.
  • Renaming the Bodies moreover helps in course.
  • Inclinations OF RENAMING
  • Basic ID of Features and Bodies in SPECIFICATION TREE.
  • Using Search Command Effectively to find features.
  • Change of features ends up being straightforward.

Best Practices

  • Rename the features relevant to assignments acted in a steady manner.


  • Any external data that are to be dealt with in the model can be collected under a GEOMETRICAL SET called input data which can be used in the model when the situation demands.
  • Fig 3 shows some new segments like planes, centers, curves, and surfaces that would be used in the showing method.
  • By social event the new parts in an alternate GEOMETRICAL SET it is definitely not hard to recognize them in the SPECIFICATION TREE.
  • Focal points OF HANDLING INPUT DATA.
  • No working up of Model features with input data.
  • Dependence can be followed.
  • Some Input data looks like planes can be gotten back to parametric figurings.
  • Straightforward distinctive verification of Foreign Elements.
Catia V5-Modeling Methodology & Best Practice

·         Text Box: Fig 3

Best Practices

  • No usage of data in the model.

Dimentioning and In Sketches


  • It is critical in dimensioning and obliging the depictions in a predictable manner.

Best Practices

  • Planes should be met in the depictions and made as improvement segments and should be used as estimation reference for figurings, this assistants in perceiving the estimation line obviously in a bewildering portrayal.
  • The proportionate estimation should be used any spot possible to restrict change time in the depictions.
  • Utilization of sketch examination request is needed at the completion of each sketch collect which helps in diagnosing the sketch thus perceiving varieties from the standard.
  • Solid structure Intent can be Achieved with the Integration of Parameters and Relations.

Parameters and Relations :


The limit handiness helps in building a solid structure effectively of relating object.

  • fig 6Catia V5-Modeling Methodology & Best Practice

shows a basic model with an outside sweep applied to four vertical edges.

  • Boundaries can be reported universally and related to clear regard in this manner controlling the reach a motivating force outside the request.
  • The potential gain of articulating boundaries is to control and relate the characteristics to various characteristics.
  • Fig 6 shows a boundary “corner range” which is related to the filet length, in this way as of now modifying the corner clear boundary the filet range can be changed. In like manner, there can be various characteristics related with a comparative boundary.

The fig 7Catia V5-Modeling Methodology & Best Practice

shows the relations or equations in the tree portraying the connection between the boundaries and the element measurement esteems.

The usage of relations makes the structure point healthy and clear.

Best Practices

Announce overall limits balance plane measurements which will drive the whole Geometry to the extent position.

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