PHP: The Language, Its Frameworks, and How to Hire the Right PHP Developer

How to Hire the Right PHP Developer

PHP is a worker side scripting language that was structured and worked for the web—one explanation it has an unmistakable favorable position when creating electronic applications. Other, more lightweight worker side dialects have been adjusted to the web, however PHP—which was the establishment for destinations like WordPress and Facebook—has been web-driven since the beginning. It’s light-footed and has extraordinary runtime, and with Apache, it tends to be extraordinarily reasonable to get ready for action.

PHP was weighty when it was delivered, however the language has not lost steam and stays one of the most broadly utilized, develop worker side dialects on the web. See why PHP has kept going through the ascent of more elevated level, deciphered dialects like Ruby and Python.

PHP: The Language, Its Frameworks, and How to Hire the Right PHP Developer



In case you’re utilizing a WordPress-fueled webpage or utilizing a decent measure of semi-static substance on your website, e.g., a blog or a newsfeed, PHP works quite well. Different reasons why it’s well known include:

  • Simple for fledglings
  • Open-source and free
  • Stage free
  • Perfect: can be facilitated anyplace
  • Worked for the web: It’s structured and made for the web versus adjusted to the web (like Ruby or Python); it’s great for web-related turn of events.
  • Scaling with PHP-customized destinations is anything but difficult to do.
  • Enormous ability pool: PHP is known around the world.
  • Phenomenal CMSs: WordPress, Drupal, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Effectively coordinates with AJAX for speed on the web
  • Apache/MySQL interfacing is simple



  • Ok for the worker: Thanks to segregated solicitations in Apache, PHP’s procedure model implies that “terrible solicitations” won’t cut down the entire worker. Mistakes will have a negligible impact.
  • Straightforwardness: PHP is less dynamic versus more elevated level dialects, which have more “enchantment” running code in the background. With PHP, engineers can find in detail how their code is organized, a bit of leeway while analyzing what pieces of code are doing, and how.
  • Extraordinary, present day structures
  • Language structure like JavaScript
  • Simple to introduce and convey
  • Documentation: User-contributed code, augmentations, APIs, just as tips and instructional exercises make PHP simple for apprentices to ace.

Notable PHP websites:

Huge scope locales like WordPress, Flickr, Wikipedia, and Facebook were based on PHP.


PHP has kept its edge because of the advancement of present day frameworks that make creating with it simpler and all the more impressive. Here’s a glance at the nuts and bolts of some top PHP frameworks.

  • CodeIgniter—A MVC framework custom-made to business, travel, and shopping applications running from little to huge and complex. It’s adaptable, easy to learn, and just requires essential OOP comprehension and information on PHP.
  • Yii—This hard core framework is incredible for ventures of any size, and it’s simpler to learn than Zend or Symfony, requiring information on PHP and OOP. Welcoming the best of the Ruby on Rails application, it has exceptional security alternatives, bolsters reserving, functions admirably with AJAX, and highlights SQL infusion.
  • Zend—More hard to get the hang of, requiring brilliant information on PHP5, OOP, and configuration designs, this profoundly educated framework is customized to enterprises like shopping, car, and business. Like Symfony, this is one framework that will require significantly more forthcoming work to get running. It functions admirably for applications going from medium to enormous in scope. It’s selling point is its measured quality: works with free libraries instead of the framework in general, keeping work smoothed out and the venture scope limited.
  • CakePHP—With loads of implicit usefulness, CakePHP is a MVC and ORM framework appropriate for little to medium applications for business, shopping, and media outlets. It requires information on PHP and OOP, yet it’s basic with consistent code structures.
  • Laravel—Speed is Laravel’s selling point. With extraordinary, incorporated testing support, this MVC framework causes you get wipe applications out the entryway quick on a cutoff time.
  • FuelPHP—A cutting edge PHP framework worked off the prescribed procedures of past frameworks, FuelPHP is a basic, adaptable MVC framework.
  • Symfony—Another PHP ORM framework that is hard to master, requiring a mind boggling establishment and profound comprehension of PHP5, OOP, and ORM. It flaunts simple overhauls and incredible support choices—and pretty much whatever else a framework could incorporate.


  • Drupal—a CMS written in PHP, which is sufficiently weighty to run as a structure for the back-finish of destinations
  • Joomla—a PHP-driven CMS
  • MODx—a free, open-source CMS and web application system


  • Magento—online business stage
  • WordPress—content management framework
  • Zen Cart—online business stage


PHP: The Language, Its Frameworks, and How to Hire the Right PHP Developer

The PHP Developer’s Skill Set

PHP developers can be significant, adaptable individuals from your IT group with know-how of a site’s moving parts. PHP’s job as a segment of the broadly utilized LAMP pile of programming that is utilized to fabricate a site’s back-end implies PHP developers are frequently engaged with database the executives, worker innovation, and working frameworks. PHP is integral to numerous CMS and web based business stages, so a PHP designer is a solid match if either are necessities for your application.

You’ll need to search for a PHP designer with coding experience for various web applications, not simply sites. They ought to have working information on at any rate one PHP system, have the option to utilize Amazon Web Services or a comparable facilitating administration, get APIs, and have the option to oversee both worker and database activities.


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